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Healthy teeth go hand-in-hand with healthy crowns. Horizon Dental Group partners with patients to keep natural crowns strong, looking great, and decay-free; however, even with the best of intentions, Drs. Sarah Enright and Trista Pottenger understand crowns may be weakened by dental trauma resulting from sports-related accidents, bruxism or tooth-grinding, and conditions like gum disease. Drs. Enright and Pottenger use the latest materials and techniques modern dentistry has to offer to rebuild damaged tooth structure with a crown that is “artificial” in name only – it looks, feels, and functions no differently than a healthy, natural crown. When the doctors … Continue reading

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They are simply amazing. I have whitening done with other dentists before and not happy with the lasting effects. Since the first time I came here, I’ve felt that they are very professional and transparent towards me. The procedure was done effectively and the results lasted much longer than what I expected based on my previous experiences. I recommend them to everyone.
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