Cosmetic Bonding
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Cosmetic bonding beautifies smiles in Boise, ID

Not every patient needs or wants premier cosmetic dental procedures. Bonding is an affordable solution for a variety of tooth imperfections and repairs. Many of the lovely smiles you see in the Boise, ID area have had a little help from cosmetic bonding services at Horizon Dental Group – Dr. Sarah Enright & Associates.

What is cosmetic bonding?

Bonding gets its name from the chemical process of bonding a restorative material to tooth structure. The pliable composite resin can be molded to virtually any shape, restoring or refining contours of a tooth. It is hardened with a special light for strength and durability. A cosmetic bonding procedure typically takes an hour or less per tooth, and often numbing is not necessary. A bonded tooth requires no unusual home care – just brush and floss normally.

Are you a patient who prefers a holistic approach to dental care, with concern for toxicity and compatibility of materials placed into your mouth? Composite resin is BPA-safe, and sensitivity or allergic reaction is extremely rare. The material is biomimetic, meaning it mimics the structure and function of the natural tooth. It expands and contracts at a similar rate, and does not cause unusual wear to opposing dentition. Bonding does not transfer heat or cold to sensitive nerves or react with metals in other dental work.

Cosmetic bonding: A versatile treatment in Boise, ID

Dental bonding is a relatively inexpensive cosmetic dentistry treatment, ideal for:

  • Improving the look of a discolored or chipped tooth
  • Filling black triangles at the gum line
  • Closing gaps between teeth
  • Reshaping a tooth with odd contours or size
  • Building up worn-down teeth
  • Beautifully natural-looking replacement of silver-colored amalgam fillings

At Horizon Dental Group, treatment is always tailored to your needs. Dr. Enright or Dr. Pottenger may recommend a bit of bonding to address a specific area of concern. Or, bonding may be part of your comprehensive strategy, along with other cosmetic dental procedures, to transform the smile.

Learn more about the many uses for this treatment, and cosmetic bonding cost, during a consultation at Horizon Dental Group. Call 208-301-6293 to schedule an appointment at our West Overland Road office or 208-816-7324 for North Garden Center Way office.

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