Dental Bridges
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Dental bridges restore smiles in Boise, ID

Just one missing tooth can create problems for your entire mouth, and issues can be much worse when several teeth are lost. Dental bridges are a time-tested solution, applied with contemporary materials and techniques at Horizon Dental Group – Dr. Sarah Enright & Associates in Boise, ID.

Bridge or denture – which is right for you?

A dental bridge is an artificial tooth, held in position by crowns on either end. The crowns are cemented to abutments of dental implants, or over natural teeth which have been reduced in size. Thus, partial bridges for teeth are affixed, while partial dentures are removable. That feature makes crowns and bridges for teeth more stable than dentures – you smile, speak, and eat with a higher degree of confidence.

What are dental bridges made of? Generally, natural-looking porcelain is preferred for pontics (artificial teeth) and crowns, although in some cases gold or metal alloys may be used. The framework of the bridge can be metal or ceramic.

Types of dental bridges include:

  • Single artificial tooth with anchor crowns.
  • Multiple teeth (generally up to three in a row) connected by crowns.
  • Maryland bonded bridge – stabilized with wings cemented to the backs of adjacent teeth, instead of crowns.
  • Cantilever bridge, using just one crown to hold another tooth.. (A dental implant is usually a better alternative).
  • Implant-retained bridge. With this method, three to five consecutive teeth can be replaced without impacting healthy adjacent teeth for crown placement.

Boise, ID patients enjoy benefits of dental bridges

  • A dental bridge restores the appearance of your smile.
  • Oral function – ability to speak clearly and eat normally – is reinstated.
  • The bridge keeps existing teeth from going crooked.
  • Usually, just two appointments are needed.
  • Oral hygiene is straightforward. Brush teeth normally, and use a floss threader to clean under the bridge.
  • Are bridges permanent? No dental restoration can make that claim, but with proper design and quality materials, and good home care, a bridge can provide many years of low maintenance service.

Dental bridges are just one of the tooth replacement options available at Horizon Dental Group – Dr. Sarah Enright & Associates. Call 208-301-6293 for an appointment at the West Overland Road office, or 208-816-7324 for North Garden Center Way.

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