Dental Implant Restoration
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Boise, ID practice makes dental implant restoration a reality

A dental implant does something no other restorative dentistry technique can do. It replaces the root of a tooth as well as the crown. This preserves bone, helping to avoid a collapsed facial appearance, and contributing to optimal oral function. It’s a small wonder the implant has become the preferred method to replace a missing tooth. Dr. Sarah Enright is passionate about making dental implant restoration feasible for her patients in the Boise, ID area.

Much more than a “fake tooth”

Implant dentistry has changed the way we replace teeth. In a brief oral surgery, a tiny screw made of strong biocompatible material is precisely positioned in the jawbone. Over the course of several months, bone fuses with the implant, forming a solid base for a restoration.

Most often a single missing tooth is replaced in this manner, and the implant is topped with a porcelain crown. Implants can also be used to transition from a removable partial denture to a fixed prosthesis, called an implant-retained bridge. An entire arch of teeth can be anchored with as few as four implants, for an unbelievable level of  stability.

Because the implant becomes part of your body (rather than sitting on top of gum tissue, as a bridge or denture), it provides natural stimulation that maintains bone mass. A dental implant restoration requires no special care. With good oral hygiene and a healthy lifestyle, your implant may last a lifetime.

Why choose Horizon Dental Group in Boise, ID for your dental implant restoration?

  • Experience – Dr. Enright performs many implant procedures each year, in an integrated care setting.
  • Personalized treatment – The doctor explains all the options to help you arrive at a treatment decision that best fits your needs.

Dental implant cost – A dental implant is cost-effective in the long term, and Horizon Dental Group works hard to help fit the desired treatment into your budget. For example, the work can be done in phases, and members of our HD Membership plan get a 20 percent discount on implant services.

Schedule your implant consultation today at our Bench location 208-301-6293 , or 208-816-7324 for the North End office.

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They are simply amazing. I have whitening done with other dentists before and not happy with the lasting effects. Since the first time I came here, I’ve felt that they are very professional and transparent towards me. The procedure was done effectively and the results lasted much longer than what I expected based on my previous experiences. I recommend them to everyone.
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