Saving Your Teeth With Dental Crowns in Boise area

Boise dentists – experts in saving your teeth with modern, safe dental crowns

In Boise area dentists – experts in saving your teeth with modern, safe dental crowns

Healthy teeth go hand-in-hand with healthy crowns. Horizon Dental Group partners with patients to keep natural crowns strong, looking great, and decay-free; however, even with the best of intentions, Drs. Sarah Enright and Trista Pottenger understand crowns may be weakened by dental trauma resulting from sports-related accidents, bruxism or tooth-grinding, and conditions like gum disease. Drs. Enright and Pottenger use the latest materials and techniques modern dentistry has to offer to rebuild damaged tooth structure with a crown that is “artificial” in name only – it looks, feels, and functions no differently than a healthy, natural crown. When the doctors refer to saving your teeth with dental crowns in Boise ID, they aren’t exaggerating; the crown is an important part of your tooth – critical to comfortable and efficient chewing, clear speech, and an attractive smile.

The importance of crowns

Crowns are typically the only part of the tooth seen with the naked eye (because they reside above the gums). Each crown is covered enamel, a tissue harder than skeletal bone! Enamel erosion can bring the underlying softer, yellow dentin layer to the surface, triggering sensitivity. If conditions such as decay are not treated appropriately or promptly, bacteria and acids continue their destructive march through the tooth.

Millions of tiny tubules present in dentin allow decay to seep through to the soft, nervy center or pulp. The pulp extends from the crown to the roots underneath the gums that hold your teeth in place in the jaw. If bacteria and decaying matter progress through the pulp, a serious infection or tooth abscess may arise. In these situations, root canal procedures are the only way to save natural teeth. While not every tooth can be rescued from deep decay or other trauma with such treatment, root canal therapy is considered to be a conservative alternative to extractions.

Tooth loss leads to facial bone loss or resorption, and other destructive conditions that damage your quality of life and well-being. Drs Enright and Pottenger advocate for tooth replacement sooner rather than later, and they offer several options to recreate natural form and function should a root canal procedure not be a suitable option. All these tooth replacement methods require at least one dental crown. Each crown is also shaped in a way that corresponds with its specific function; for example, front teeth are shaped like sharp chisels for cutting, while back molars are flat and grooved to allow for proper grinding of food, which promotes healthy digestion. So, crowns (natural or designed in a lab “as nature intended”) are vital to support the tooth and to protect its underlying parts from damage.

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Artificial crowns to the rescue

Artificial crowns to the rescue in Boise area

Horizon Dental Group’s all-ceramic E-Max and lustrous, durable zirconia crowns are a biocompatible (tissue-friendly) and a lifelike way to restore teeth for many different types of patients with various needs and situations. Below, we offer just a few of the different ways that crowns made in partnership with our skilled dental lab help you to chew painlessly, and smile and speak confidently:

  • Create structure and stability – To prevent food debris and bacteria from working its way through your tooth, the crown must be in good shape. A very large filling, as well as fractures and other damage, can all threaten the health of the natural tooth because there isn’t enough structure to protect the underlying dental layers. This damage also weakens the tooth and makes it vulnerable to decay and infection.
  • Promote healing post-root canal treatment – After the decay is removed with root canal treatment, infection is resolved, and root canals are sealed off to prevent re-infection, the placement of a dental crown is typically the “finishing touch.” Our realistic crowns further protect the vulnerable inner parts of the tooth, while restoring the proper shape and structure needed for vital tooth functions.
  • Replace teeth – Crowns may be designed to replace a single missing tooth or a mouthful of missing teeth! Our dentists will discuss options such as conventional bridges, made with a pontic or “fake” tooth and at least two crowns, as well as both traditional removable and implant-retained dentures. Crowns represent the last stage of any implant procedure, as they “top” the abutment or piece that connects to implants placed in the jawbone.

Crowns are used to both “save” teeth and/or “save” the appearance of your smile; for instance, Dr. Enright or Pottenger will discuss options to cover up stubbornly discolored teeth that resist whitening or to address very worn or otherwise poorly shaped and -sized crowns.

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