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Sleep analysis: A value-added service from your Boise, ID dentist

Do you feel drowsy through the day? Are morning headaches and dry throat a common occurrence? Is it difficult to stay focused or make clear-headed decisions? Has your significant other moved to the sofa or spare room? You could have sleep apnea, and a qualified dentist can help. Horizon Dental Group – Dr. Sarah Enright & Associates in Boise, ID is equipped for sleep analysis.

Sleep analysis has the potential to save lives in Boise, ID

Sleep disorders affect the lives and health of an estimated 22 million Americans. As you begin to fall asleep, soft tissues and the tongue drop back toward the opening of the throat, obstructing the flow of air into and out of lungs. Oxygen levels in blood plummet, raising an alarm in the brain. A surge of adrenalin wakes you enough to cough, snort, sputter, and possibly reposition. After a few normal breaths, respiration again becomes shallow, and the cycle repeats. A severe apneic may have 30 or more such episodes every hour.

It is sometimes called an insomnia sleep disorder because the condition prevents you from reaching a deep sleep cycle where vital hormonal release triggers cellular rejuvenation. Sleep-disordered breathing can affect both genders; children as well as adults. In addition to daily fatigue and poor performance, sleep apnea dramatically increases risk of:

  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Obesity
  • Depression
  • Highway and workplace accidents

Successful treatment starts with accurate screening at Horizon Dental Group, Dr. Sarah Enright & Associates

Dr. Enright is passionate about improving the quality of life for patients with sleep apnea. She gathers pre-screening information as part of the new patient registration process and has special training in how to do a sleep study. With her in-house sleep study technique, you don’t have to see a physician or stay overnight at a sleep clinic.

The evaluation indicates whether you have sleep-disordered breathing and gauges severity. In many cases, relief can be achieved with a discreet dental appliance. The device is customized to fit your specific needs, keeping your airway clear.

Call Horizon Dental Group for a non-CPAP alternative to better sleep – West Overland Road office at 208-301-6293 , or North Garden Center Way at 208-816-7324 .

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