Straighten Your Teeth With Invisalign in Boise area

Discover how easy it is to straighten your teeth with Invisalign in Boise ID

Discover how easy it is to straighten your teeth with Invisalign in Boise ID area

Drs Sarah Enright and Trista Pottenger are advancing the art and science of restorative dentistry with orthodontic options that are as cosmetically appealing as they are effective. You can straighten your teeth with Invisalign in Boise ID at Horizon Dental Group, as a hassle-free yet a results-driven alternative to conventional braces.

Makeover your mouth, without the metal

For a long time, braces were the go-to option to straighten teeth. A system of wires is threaded through brackets attached to teeth. These brackets and wires apply pressure to crowded, crooked, and otherwise misaligned teeth, guiding them into proper placement. Braces are fixed, which means they can only be adjusted and removed by your dentist. Ongoing adjustments to braces are necessary for treatment to progress. So, traditional braces require frequent follow-up dental visits. Adjustments to hygiene are also necessary because braces-wearers must learn to effectively clean around and between wires and brackets. Without effective cleaning, your braces harbor food debris and bacteria responsible for tooth decay and gum disease. Wires and brackets may also rub against delicate oral tissues, and patients with braces may feel self-conscious that people are looking past their smiles; that they only see their braces instead of their gradually straighter teeth.

Invisalign addresses all the hygiene-, comfort-, and cosmetic-related issues associated with conventional orthodontic treatments. The “secret” to effortless straightening comes from aligner trays, which are dental appliances that resemble night-guards or mouthguards. Made from smooth, BPA-free plastic, they slip over the teeth. There are no wires and brackets that poke at the inside of the mouth, or that may break and require repair. Since the source of straightening doesn’t come from tightening braces, there is no need for frequent visits to the dentist’s office to adjust the wires. Plus, the plastic behind the aligners is clear. So, patients don’t see your aligners – they only see your beautiful smile.

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Invisalign got its start as a cosmetic treatment; however, as the technology has evolved, it is appropriate for more complex misalignment and bite problems, overbite to underbite and everything in-between. Invisalign treatment facilitated by your trusted dentists at Horizon Dental Group combines both precision repositioning with stellar patient experience. Here’s how:

  • As with all treatments, an exam and consultation with you about your concerns is a must. Dental disease and decay are resolved before moving forward with treatment. Likewise, other treatments may be more appropriate for your case; for instance, modest spacing issues can be treated with dental bonding and veneers.
  • Should Invisalign be a good fit for your mouth, Drs Enright or Pottenger will take impressions of your teeth. These impressions are models of your mouth, which are used to make appliances such as the aligner trays.
  • Robust proprietary Invisalign technology creates a 3-Dimensional image of your mouth. Your teeth can be viewed on a monitor from various angles, and you can see how Invisalign repositions the teeth throughout treatment. You get to enjoy the results from treatment in a virtual environment, even before the first aligner is made.
  • After your digital treatment plan is created, your aligners are fabricated from all this information about your mouth, and by using Invisalign’s own SmartTrack™ material. A perfect fit means great comfort and gets the results you desire.
  • A series of aligner trays are worn throughout treatment, to correspond with each phase of the process. About every two weeks you’ll replace the current tray for the next one in the series. Your dentist will visit with you every six to eight weeks, just to see how the treatment is progressing and to give you the next batch of aligners.
  • Throughout treatment, we welcome your questions and concerns. Generally, it’s advised that you wear the aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours a day. They are removable, but compliance is necessary since the trays use gentle forces to reposition teeth. Consistency is key. Since Invisalign isn’t fixed like traditional braces, you can brush and floss your teeth easily and thoroughly, and you can enjoy hard and sticky foods that would damage conventional braces.

Invisalign fits well into students’ and parents’ busy social and work lives. Make time in your schedule to visit us – Horizon Dental Group. Call 208-301-6293 to book an appointment at the Bench location. If our North End location is more convenient, call 208-816-7324 . We look forward to seeing you and your family!

Dr. Sarah Enright

Best dentist in The North End and Bench area near me Dr. Sarah Enright places education on the top of her priority list in terms of advancing her knowledge in the field of dentistry, and in educating her patients on dental health. She attended the University of Washington and obtained her undergraduate degree in molecular biology. After graduating at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in 2006, she has served patients of different regions of the country.

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