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You have teeth whitening options in Boise, ID

Most people would like to have brilliantly white, shiny teeth. Yet every smile, lifestyle, schedule, and budgets are different, Dr. Enright understands. She and her team at Horizon Dental Group – Dr. Sarah Enright & Associates in Boise, ID provide personalized teeth whitening, with solutions to fit virtually every smile.

How teeth whitening works

Enamel looks smooth and impervious, but it is covered with microscopic channels that extend into the dentin layer. Pigment molecules from tobacco and dark colored beverages and foods become embedded in these tubules. While brushing is vitally important to oral health, toothbrush bristles are too big to dislodge these stains. Plus, as we age, enamel thins allowing the yellowish dentin to show through, and teeth may darken internally from certain medications or trauma.

With professional whitening, teeth are treated with a prescription-strength peroxide compound. The chemical reaction loosens and lifts pigments, without harming the tooth structure or nerve of the tooth. As the formulation cleans tubules, it penetrates and bleaches underlying dentin, for a level of brightness you cannot achieve with over the counter tooth whitening products.

Teeth whitening your way in Boise, ID

If you are interested in having a brighter smile, ask our dentists for teeth whitening tips. They will be happy to discuss types of teeth whitening procedures available at Horizon Dental Group:

No matter which whitening method you choose, you are assured of knowledgeable guidance from a trained dental team, for safe treatment and effective results. Call 208-301-6293 (West Overland Road) or 208-816-7324 (North Garden Center Way) for an appointment.

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Best dentist in The North End and Bench area near me Dr. Sarah Enright places education on the top of her priority list in terms of advancing her knowledge in the field of dentistry, and in educating her patients on dental health. She attended the University of Washington and obtained her undergraduate degree in molecular biology. After graduating at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in 2006, she has served patients of different regions of the country.
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